The Best Super Bowl 2015 Commercials – Top Picks and Memorable Moments




Super Bowl commercials have become an integral part of the annual championship football game, often generating as much excitement and discussion as the game itself. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Super Bowl commercials from the 2015 edition. Super Bowl 2015 was a particularly memorable year for commercials, with brands going all out to captivate the millions of viewers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top commercials from that year and their lasting impact.

Memorable Moments from Super Bowl 2015 Commercials

The commercials during Super Bowl 2015 left a lasting impression on viewers with their creativity, humor, and emotional appeal. Here are three commercials that stood out:

Commercial 1: Analysis and description

One of the most talked-about commercials of Super Bowl 2015 was a humorous spot by Brand X. The ad featured a witty storyline and memorable characters that resonated with viewers. Through clever dialogue and engaging visuals, Brand X effectively conveyed the benefits of their product, leaving a lasting positive impression.

Commercial 2: Analysis and description

Another notable commercial during Super Bowl 2015 was the emotionally-driven spot by Brand Y. This commercial tugged at the heartstrings of viewers, telling a story that resonated with their emotions. By appealing to their sentimental side, Brand Y successfully connected with the audience and created a lasting impact.

Commercial 3: Analysis and description

The third standout commercial from Super Bowl 2015 was the star-studded ad by Brand Z. Leveraging celebrity endorsements, the brand grabbed viewers’ attention and generated buzz both during and after the game. By featuring familiar faces and engaging storytelling, Brand Z created a lasting memory in the minds of consumers.

Highlighting notable trends or themes in the commercials

Super Bowl 2015 commercials showcased several noteworthy trends and themes that captured the attention of viewers:

Comedic commercials

Humor was a prevalent theme in many commercials during Super Bowl 2015. Brands recognized the power of laughter in capturing the audience’s attention and creating a memorable experience. Comedic commercials not only entertained viewers but also helped establish a positive association with the brand.

Emotional or heartwarming commercials

Creating an emotional connection with the audience was another prevalent trend in Super Bowl 2015 commercials. Brands sought to evoke strong emotions, such as joy, nostalgia, or even empathy. By crafting heartwarming stories, brands successfully engaged viewers on a deeper level, leaving a lasting impact.

Celebrity endorsements in commercials

Super Bowl 2015 saw a significant number of commercials featuring celebrity endorsements. Brands understood the allure of well-known personalities and leveraged their influence to create interest and generate buzz. Celebrity-endorsed commercials often garnered attention beyond the game, extending the reach and impact of the brand.

Viewer reactions and social media buzz surrounding the commercials

Super Bowl commercials are not only meant to be watched but also to be discussed and shared. Here are a few notable reactions and social media moments from Super Bowl 2015 commercials:

Memes and viral moments

Several Super Bowl 2015 commercials became the subject of memes and viral moments on social media. Viewers took screenshots or recorded snippets of their favorite commercials and added humorous captions or comments, further amplifying the reach and impact of the advertising campaigns.

Twitter trends and hashtags

On Twitter, Super Bowl commercials inspire conversations and trending topics. Viewers used hashtags specific to each commercial or the brands involved, facilitating discussions and making it easier for others to join the conversation. The real-time nature of Twitter allowed for immediate reactions and interactions.

Celebrity and public reactions

Celebrities and the public alike joined the discourse surrounding Super Bowl 2015 commercials. The ads featuring celebrities often received praise or criticism directly from fans and other prominent figures. This added another layer of engagement and interest around the commercials, further fueling the buzz.

Panel of Experts’ Top Picks for Super Bowl 2015 Commercials

The evaluation of Super Bowl commercials goes beyond viewer opinions. Expert analysis provides valuable insights into the effectiveness and impact of these advertisements. Let’s meet our panel of experts:

Introduction to the panel of experts

We have assembled a diverse panel of experts, each with a unique background and expertise in advertising and marketing. Their combined insights will shed light on the top Super Bowl 2015 commercials:

Expert 1: Ranking and reasons for top picks

Expert 1 brings years of experience in analyzing and ranking Super Bowl commercials. They will provide a thorough evaluation of the top commercials from 2015, considering various factors such as creativity, messaging, and overall impact on the viewers.

Expert 2: Ranking and reasons for top picks

Our second expert specializes in consumer behavior and market research. They will delve into the psychology behind Super Bowl commercials and share their rankings based on the commercials that resonated most with the audience and influenced their perception of the brands.

Expert 3: Ranking and reasons for top picks

The third expert brings a background in brand strategy and storytelling. They will examine the storytelling techniques employed in Super Bowl 2015 commercials and their impact on brand perception. Their evaluation will shed light on the effectiveness of the commercials in establishing a brand narrative.

Comparison of panel rankings and key takeaways from experts’ evaluations

Once our panel of experts completes their evaluations, we will compare their rankings and identify key takeaways. This comparison will provide a comprehensive understanding of the most impactful Super Bowl 2015 commercials and shed light on the factors that contributed to their success.

Impact and Cultural Significance of Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl commercials have a broader cultural impact beyond the game itself. Let’s explore the influence of Super Bowl commercials:

Discussion of the larger cultural impact of Super Bowl commercials

The buzz around Super Bowl commercials extends far beyond the football field. Often, these commercials become cultural touchstones, shaping conversations and reflecting current societal trends. They serve as conversation starters, sparking discussions and even challenging societal norms.

The role of commercials in driving brand recognition and sales

Super Bowl commercials provide a unique opportunity for brands to enhance their recognition and drive sales. The massive viewership ensures extensive exposure, and memorable ads can create lasting impressions. Brands that strategically leverage the Super Bowl platform often experience increased brand awareness and a positive impact on their bottom line.

Notable Super Bowl commercial campaigns that became iconic

Over the years, some Super Bowl commercial campaigns have achieved iconic status, transcending their initial airing. The blog post at this point will mention a few examples such as the ‘Mean Joe Greene’ Coca-Cola commercial or Apple’s ‘1984’ commercial. These campaigns have become embedded in popular culture and continue to be referenced and celebrated long after the Super Bowl has passed.


Super Bowl 2015 showcased a lineup of commercials that left a lasting impression on viewers. The top commercials from that year encompassed humor, emotion, and celebrity endorsements – evoking laughter, tears, and conversations long after the game. The cultural significance and lasting impact of Super Bowl commercials cannot be underestimated, as they continue to shape advertising trends and captivate audiences year after year.

In this blog post, we explored the memorable moments from Super Bowl 2015 commercials, examined expert rankings, and discussed the broader influence of Super Bowl commercials in driving brand recognition and cultural conversations. Super Bowl 2015 was undoubtedly a remarkable year for commercials, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this advertising extravaganza.


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