5 Must-Join Product Manager Groups for Professional Development and Networking




As a product manager, professional development and networking are crucial for career growth and staying ahead in the ever-evolving field. Joining product manager groups provides valuable opportunities to connect with industry experts, gain mentorship, and learn from others’ experiences. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of joining product manager groups and recommend the top 5 groups for professional development and networking.

Benefits of Joining Product Manager Groups

Joining product manager groups offers a wide range of benefits that can enhance both personal and professional growth. Let’s take a closer look at some of these benefits:

1. Access to Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

Product manager groups provide a platform to interact with industry experts and thought leaders. These professionals have deep knowledge and experience in product management and can offer valuable insights and guidance. Through group discussions, webinars, and events, you can gain access to their expertise and stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in the field.

2. Opportunities for Mentorship and Guidance

Joining a product manager group opens doors to mentorship and guidance from seasoned professionals. Mentors can provide valuable career advice, help you navigate challenges, and support your growth as a product manager. The diverse experiences and perspectives within these groups allow for valuable mentorship opportunities that can propel your career forward.

3. Networking with Like-Minded Professionals

Networking is a key component of professional development, and product manager groups offer a fertile ground for building connections with like-minded professionals. By engaging in discussions, attending events, and participating in group activities, you can expand your professional network, connect with individuals who share similar interests, and forge valuable relationships that can lead to new opportunities and collaborations.

4. Sharing Best Practices and Learning from Others’ Experiences

Product manager groups create an environment where members can freely share best practices, lessons learned, and insights gained from their experience. By actively participating in group discussions and events, you can learn from others’ successes and failures, gain new perspectives, and improve your own product management strategies and approaches.

Top 5 Product Manager Groups for Professional Development and Networking

Group 1: Product Management Insider

Product Management Insider is a vibrant community dedicated to product managers across various industries. This group offers a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and professional development. The group consists of product managers at both entry and senior levels, enabling diverse perspectives and experiences.

Benefits of joining Product Management Insider include:

  • Access to industry experts through webinars and expert panels
  • Opportunities for mentorship and career advice from experienced product managers
  • Networking with professionals from different industries and backgrounds
  • Sharing best practices and learning from others’ experiences through group discussions and case studies

Activities and events organized by Product Management Insider include meetups, virtual conferences, and workshops, providing ample opportunities to connect with fellow product managers and learn from industry leaders.

Group 2: Product Managers’ Society

The Product Managers’ Society is a community-driven group with a focus on fostering collaboration and professional growth among product managers. This group comprises product managers from various industries, enabling cross-pollination of ideas and experiences.

Benefits of joining the Product Managers’ Society include:

  • Access to thought leaders and industry experts through panel discussions and speaker sessions
  • Mentorship opportunities for aspiring product managers
  • Networking with professionals across diverse industries
  • Sharing best practices, frameworks, and tools through group discussions and resources

The Product Managers’ Society organizes events such as conferences, hackathons, and workshops, providing avenues for skill development and knowledge sharing.

Group 3: Product Management Alliance

The Product Management Alliance is an inclusive community aimed at empowering product managers through collaboration, education, and networking. This group brings together product managers from various backgrounds, industries, and experience levels.

Benefits of joining the Product Management Alliance include:

  • Access to industry experts and influencers through webinars and panels
  • Mentoring opportunities to guide career growth and development
  • Networking with professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds
  • Sharing of best practices, case studies, and resources

The Product Management Alliance organizes virtual events, workshops, and mentorship programs, providing ample opportunities for learning, networking, and professional growth.

Group 4: ProductCamp

ProductCamp is a unique platform that brings together product managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs for knowledge sharing and networking. This group focuses on promoting a collaborative environment for professionals passionate about product management and innovation.

Benefits of joining ProductCamp include:

  • Access to a diverse community of product managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs
  • Opportunities for mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals
  • Networking with like-minded individuals and potential collaborators
  • Participation in unconferences and workshops to exchange ideas and best practices

ProductCamp organizes regular unconferences and workshops where participants actively shape the agenda and share their knowledge, making it an immersive and interactive learning experience.

Group 5: Agile Product Management Professionals

The Agile Product Management Professionals group is specifically focused on the intersection of Agile methodology and product management. This group caters to product managers, Agile coaches, and professionals interested in applying Agile practices within their product development process.

Benefits of joining Agile Product Management Professionals include:

  • Access to Agile experts and practitioners through discussions and Q&A sessions
  • Opportunities for learning and sharing best practices in Agile product management
  • Networking with professionals embracing Agile methodologies
  • Participation in Agile-focused workshops and events

The Agile Product Management Professionals group provides a platform to discuss Agile frameworks, tools, and challenges, facilitating continuous learning and improvement in Agile product management practices.


Joining product manager groups is a valuable step towards professional development and networking as a product manager. These groups offer access to industry experts, mentorship opportunities, networking with like-minded professionals, and a platform for sharing best practices. By exploring and joining groups like Product Management Insider, Product Managers’ Society, Product Management Alliance, ProductCamp, and Agile Product Management Professionals, you can enhance your career growth, gain new insights, and unlock exciting opportunities in the field of product management. Embrace the power of community and take the leap towards expanding your professional network and knowledge.


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