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In today’s digital world, typing speed plays a crucial role in various aspects of our lives, from school assignments to work tasks. The ability to type quickly and accurately not only increases productivity but also saves valuable time. One common measure of typing speed is words correct per minute (WCPM). In this blog post, we will explore the importance of WCPM, provide tips to improve your typing speed, and recommend some tools to measure your WCPM effectively.

Understanding Words Correct per Minute (WCPM)

WCPM refers to the number of words a person types correctly in one minute. It is a widely accepted metric for measuring typing proficiency. To calculate WCPM, divide the total number of correctly typed words by the time taken in minutes. For example, if you correctly type 200 words in 4 minutes, your WCPM would be 50.
WCPM holds significant importance as it offers a standardized measurement of typing speed. It allows individuals to track their progress and compare their performance with benchmarks established for different typing levels. These benchmarks provide a clear indication of proficiency and can serve as goals to strive for.

Tips to Improve Typing Speed

Improving your typing speed is a gradual process that requires practice and adherence to certain techniques. Here are some helpful tips to boost your typing skills:

1. Proper sitting posture and ergonomic considerations

Maintaining an appropriate sitting posture and considering ergonomic factors can greatly enhance typing speed. Sit up straight, keep your wrists relaxed, and ensure your keyboard and monitor are positioned at a comfortable height. This helps prevent strain and fatigue, allowing you to type more efficiently.

2. Familiarize yourself with the keyboard layout and key positions

Knowing the keyboard layout and the position of each key is crucial for efficient typing. Spend time familiarizing yourself with the placement of keys and practice locating them without looking down. This will significantly improve your accuracy and speed.

3. Practice touch typing techniques

Touch typing involves typing without looking at the keyboard, relying solely on muscle memory. There are various touch typing techniques you can learn, such as the home row method. These techniques help you type faster by reducing the time spent searching for keys.

4. Use online typing tutorials and exercises

Take advantage of the numerous online typing tutorials and exercises available. These resources provide structured lessons, interactive exercises, and real-time feedback to help you improve your typing speed. Practice regularly and focus on accuracy; speed will naturally follow with time.

5. Take regular breaks to avoid fatigue

Typing for prolonged periods can lead to physical and mental fatigue, negatively affecting your typing speed. Take short breaks every hour to stretch, relax your fingers, and rest your eyes. This rejuvenation will keep you energized and maintain your typing performance.

Tools to Measure WCPM

Using tools to measure your WCPM can be highly beneficial in tracking your progress and identifying areas for improvement. Here are some recommended tools:

A. Online WCPM calculators and typing tests

Numerous websites offer online WCPM calculators and typing tests. These tools allow you to input your typing sample and calculate your WCPM score accurately. Some platforms also provide detailed analysis, highlighting errors and offering suggestions to enhance your typing speed.

B. Typing software and apps with built-in WCPM tracking

Several typing software and mobile apps come equipped with built-in WCPM tracking features. These programs provide a range of typing exercises, lessons, and games to enhance your typing skills. They not only measure your WCPM but also offer personalized training plans to help you progress.

C. Keyboards with customizable WCPM tracking features

Some advanced keyboards come with customizable WCPM tracking features. These keyboards automatically track your WCPM and display real-time results on an integrated screen. Such keyboards offer a tangible way to monitor your typing speed without relying on external tools.

Top Recommended WCPM Calculation Tools

Here are three highly recommended WCPM calculation tools to aid in your typing improvement journey:

#1 – Online

– Features and benefits: – Provides a comprehensive typing test with extensive customization options. – Offers detailed analysis of your performance, including WCPM, accuracy, and errors. – Allows you to practice specific texts or choose from a vast library of samples.
– Step-by-step guide to using the tool: 1. Visit 2. Select the desired test settings, such as duration and difficulty level. 3. Begin the test and type the given text accurately. 4. After completion, view your WCPM score, accuracy percentage, and other performance metrics.

#2 – TypingMaster

– Features and benefits: – Provides personalized typing lessons based on your current skill level. – Offers adaptive training plans to suit your specific needs and goals. – Measures your WCPM and accuracy in real-time during practice sessions.
– Step-by-step guide to using the tool: 1. Download and install TypingMaster from their official website. 2. Create a user profile and specify your skill level. 3. Follow the guided lessons and practice exercises provided by the software. 4. Track your WCPM progress and receive detailed feedback on areas for improvement.

#3 – KeyHero

– Features and benefits: – Offers a simple and user-friendly interface for WCPM calculation. – Allows you to customize the typing samples according to your preferences. – Provides instant WCPM results for easy tracking.
– Step-by-step guide to using the tool: 1. Visit 2. Choose your preferred typing sample or enter your own text. 3. Start typing the given text accurately and efficiently. 4. Instantly view your WCPM score and analyze your performance.


Improving your typing speed is a valuable skill in today’s fast-paced, digital world. By implementing the tips mentioned above and utilizing WCPM calculators and tools, you can enhance your typing proficiency over time. Remember to focus on accuracy and maintain good ergonomics while practicing regularly. Continuous improvement in typing skills will boost productivity and save valuable time in various aspects of your personal and professional life. So, embark on your journey to faster and more accurate typing today!


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