Calculating the True Cost of Slack per Month – All You Need to Know




Slack has gained immense popularity as a communication tool in today’s digital workplace, revolutionizing team collaboration and streamlining communication channels. However, when implementing Slack for your organization, it is crucial to understand the true cost of using the platform per month. By accurately estimating the cost, you can make informed decisions and choose the most cost-effective plan that suits your organization’s needs.

Understanding the Basic Slack Pricing Structure

Slack offers different pricing plans to cater to organizations of all sizes. It is essential to grasp the basics of Slack’s pricing structure to ensure an accurate assessment of the cost per month.

Slack Free Plan

The Slack Free plan is a great way to get started with the platform. It is suitable for small teams and allows for basic communication and collaboration. However, it comes with certain limitations, such as a limited message history and storage space, and a restriction on the number of apps and integrations that can be used.

Slack Paid Plans

For organizations that require additional features and functionalities, Slack offers a range of paid plans.

Slack Standard Plan

The Slack Standard plan is designed for growing teams. It provides unlimited message history, advanced search capabilities, and group calls among its features. It also allows for more apps and integrations compared to the Free plan.

Slack Plus Plan

The Slack Plus plan is suitable for larger organizations that need advanced security and compliance features. It offers all the features of the Standard plan, along with features like enterprise-grade security controls, customizable message retention policies, and 24/7 customer support.

Slack Enterprise Grid Plan

The Slack Enterprise Grid plan is tailored for large-scale enterprises with complex communication needs. It includes all the features of the Plus plan but offers additional features like organization-wide analytics, unlimited workspaces, and shared channels.

Determining the Number of Slack Users

Calculating the number of Slack users in your organization is a crucial step in estimating the cost accurately. The number of users directly affects the pricing as most plans charge per user.

Assessing the Total Number of Employees

Start by determining the total number of employees in your organization. This will give you a baseline for the number of potential Slack users.

Identifying the Departments/Teams that Require Slack Access

Not all employees may require access to Slack. Identify the departments or teams that would benefit the most from using the platform and factor in their headcount while estimating the number of Slack users.

Considering the Number of External Users or Guests

If you frequently collaborate with external stakeholders, such as clients, freelancers, or vendors, consider the number of external users or guests who will need access to Slack. Some plans may charge per guest user, so including them in your estimation is crucial.

Calculating the Monthly Cost of Slack

Now that you have determined the number of Slack users for your organization, you can calculate the monthly cost based on the chosen pricing plan.

Breakdown of the Pricing for Each Paid Plan

Each paid plan has its own pricing structure, primarily dependent on the number of users. It is essential to understand the cost breakdown to accurately calculate the monthly cost.

Examples of Cost Calculation

Let’s consider a few examples to understand how the monthly cost of Slack can vary based on the organization’s size.

Small Organization (Up to 10 Employees)

In a small organization with up to 10 employees, the Slack Standard plan may be suitable. If the plan costs $8 per user per month, the estimated monthly cost would be $80 for 10 users.

Medium-sized Organization (Between 11-100 Employees)

For a medium-sized organization with 50 employees, the Slack Plus plan may be a better fit. Suppose the plan costs $15 per user per month. The estimated monthly cost would be $750 for 50 users.

Large Organization (More than 100 Employees)

For a large organization with over 100 employees, the Slack Enterprise Grid plan provides the necessary features. Suppose the plan costs $32 per user per month. If there are 150 users, the estimated monthly cost would be $4,800.

Additional Considerations for Cost Calculation

While the number of users primarily determines the cost of Slack per month, it is essential to consider additional factors that may affect the overall cost.

Including the Cost of Integrations and Apps

Integrations and apps can enhance Slack’s functionality but may come at an additional cost. Evaluate the necessity of these integrations and apps and factor their costs into the overall estimation.

Factoring in the Potential Need for Additional Storage Space

Depending on your organization’s communication and collaboration requirements, additional storage space may be required. Some plans offer limited storage, while others provide unlimited or expandable storage options at a higher cost. Assess your storage needs and include the potential cost.

Taking into Account Any Discounts or Promotional Offers

Slack occasionally offers discounts or promotional offers on their pricing plans. Keep an eye out for any such opportunities that may reduce the monthly cost. However, be mindful of the long-term pricing after the discount or promotion ends.

Comparing Slack with Alternative Communication Tools

While Slack is a popular choice, it’s essential to explore alternative communication tools that may suit your organization’s requirements and potentially offer cost savings.

Brief Overview of Popular Alternatives

Some popular alternatives to Slack include Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and Workplace by Facebook. These tools offer similar features and functionalities but may differ in pricing structures, integrations, and user experience.

Highlighting the Importance of Comparing Costs and Features

When evaluating alternatives, consider the costs associated with each plan and compare them with Slack’s pricing. Additionally, assess their features, integrations, ease of use, and overall suitability for your organization.

Providing a Table or Chart for Easy Cost and Feature Comparisons

To help you make an informed decision, the following table provides a side-by-side comparison of Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and Workplace by Facebook, their pricing plans, and key features:

Tool Pricing Key Features
Slack Paid plans starting from $8 per user per month Unlimited message history, advanced search, group calls
Microsoft Teams Included in Office 365 subscriptions Integrated with Office 365, file sharing, video conferencing
Google Chat Part of Google Workspace subscription Integrated with Google apps, simultaneous document collaboration
Workplace by Facebook Paid plans starting from $4 per user per month News feeds, groups, live video broadcasting


Accurately estimating the cost of using Slack per month is vital for organizations aiming to maximize their budget and choose the most suitable plan. By understanding Slack’s pricing structure, determining the number of users, and considering additional factors, you can make informed decisions and ensure cost-effectiveness. Compare Slack with alternative communication tools to find the best fit for your organization’s needs, and remember to evaluate the costs alongside the features provided. By assessing your organization’s requirements and considering all relevant factors, you can optimize your communication tools and achieve efficient collaboration.


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