Everything You Need to Know About ActiveCampaign White Label – A Complete Guide



Understanding ActiveCampaign White Label

ActiveCampaign is a powerful email marketing and automation platform that helps businesses streamline their marketing efforts and nurture customer relationships. But what if you could take it a step further and make it truly your own? That’s where ActiveCampaign White Label comes in.

Definition of ActiveCampaign White Label

ActiveCampaign White Label allows you to customize the platform with your own branding and present it as your own to your clients or customers. By replacing ActiveCampaign’s branding with your own, you can maintain a consistent brand identity and create a seamless experience for your users.

Benefits of using ActiveCampaign White Label

There are several benefits to using ActiveCampaign White Label:

  1. Custom branding opportunities: With ActiveCampaign White Label, you have the ability to fully customize the platform with your own logo, colors, and visual elements. This creates a cohesive brand experience for your users and helps to establish your brand identity.
  2. Increased brand recognition and credibility: By removing ActiveCampaign’s branding and replacing it with your own, you can increase brand recognition among your users and build trust and credibility.

How ActiveCampaign White Label works

When you sign up for ActiveCampaign White Label, you will be provided with the necessary tools and resources to customize the platform with your own branding. This includes options to replace the ActiveCampaign logo with your own, customize the login portal and interface, and even personalize email templates and notifications.

Pricing and plans for ActiveCampaign White Label

Pricing for ActiveCampaign White Label varies depending on your specific needs and requirements. It is best to reach out to the ActiveCampaign team directly to discuss pricing options and find the plan that works best for you.

Setting Up ActiveCampaign White Label

Now that you understand the benefits of using ActiveCampaign White Label, let’s explore the step-by-step process of setting it up.

Step-by-step guide to setting up ActiveCampaign White Label

  1. Creating a subdomain for your brand: The first step is to create a subdomain for your brand, such as “email.yourdomain.com” or “crm.yourdomain.com.” This will serve as the entry point for your users to access the white-labeled version of ActiveCampaign.
  2. Customizing the login portal and interface: Once you have your subdomain set up, you can start customizing the login portal and interface with your own branding. This includes replacing the ActiveCampaign logo with your own, adding your brand colors, and ensuring a consistent look and feel throughout the platform.
  3. Customizing email templates and notifications: To further enhance the white-labeled experience, you can customize the email templates and notifications that ActiveCampaign sends out on your behalf. This allows you to maintain a consistent brand voice and tone in all communications.

Best practices for branding your ActiveCampaign White Label

To make the most of your ActiveCampaign White Label, it’s important to follow some best practices for branding:

  1. Designing a professional and cohesive brand identity: Take the time to create a professional and cohesive brand identity that reflects your company’s values and personality. This includes designing a logo, choosing brand colors, and selecting fonts that align with your brand image.
  2. Leveraging customization options for a seamless user experience: Use the customization options provided by ActiveCampaign White Label to create a seamless user experience. Ensure that your branding is consistent throughout the platform and that it aligns with the overall user interface.

Utilizing ActiveCampaign White Label Features

ActiveCampaign White Label not only allows you to brand the platform to your own specifications but also provides access to a wide range of powerful features and tools. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features available:

  1. Email marketing: ActiveCampaign’s email marketing feature allows you to create and send personalized email campaigns to engage and nurture your audience.
  2. Marketing automation: Automate your marketing campaigns and workflows to save time and deliver personalized experiences to your customers.
  3. CRM and sales automation: Manage your customer relationships and automate your sales processes to drive conversions and revenue growth.
  4. SMS marketing: Extend your marketing reach with SMS campaigns and engage with your audience through their mobile devices.
  5. Social media integration: Seamlessly integrate your social media accounts with ActiveCampaign to streamline your social media marketing efforts.

To fully understand how businesses can benefit from each feature, let’s explore some examples:

Case studies or success stories

Example 1: Company A, a branding agency, uses ActiveCampaign White Label to offer their clients a comprehensive suite of marketing services. They utilize the email marketing feature to create targeted email campaigns that help their clients increase brand awareness and drive website traffic.

Example 2: Company B, a software-as-a-service provider, leverages ActiveCampaign White Label’s marketing automation capabilities to streamline their onboarding process. By automating personalized email sequences, they can provide a better user experience for their customers and increase engagement and retention rates.

Managing and Growing Your ActiveCampaign White Label Business

Once you have successfully set up your ActiveCampaign White Label, it’s important to effectively manage your clients and strategically grow your business. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

Tips for managing your ActiveCampaign White Label clients

  1. Setting clear expectations and communication channels: Clearly define what services you will provide to your clients and establish communication channels to ensure smooth collaboration and timely support.
  2. Providing ongoing support and training: Offer ongoing support and training to your clients to help them maximize their use of ActiveCampaign White Label. This can include providing access to resources, hosting webinars, or offering one-on-one training sessions.

Strategies for growing your ActiveCampaign White Label business

  1. Targeting new markets and industries: Explore new markets and industries that could benefit from your white-labeled ActiveCampaign services. Conduct market research to identify potential clients and develop targeted marketing campaigns to reach them.
  2. Leveraging partner programs and referral networks: Engage in partner programs and referral networks to expand your reach and tap into new customer acquisition channels. Collaborate with complementary businesses and offer incentives for referrals to drive growth.

Frequently Asked Questions about ActiveCampaign White Label

Common questions and concerns about ActiveCampaign White Label

Q: Can I completely remove all traces of ActiveCampaign branding from the platform?

A: While ActiveCampaign White Label allows you to replace most instances of ActiveCampaign branding with your own, there may be certain areas where the branding is still present, such as in the backend infrastructure. However, the white-labeled experience for your users will be seamless and consistent with your own branding.

Answers and explanations to address these questions

ActiveCampaign White Label provides a high level of customization and allows you to create a truly branded experience for your users. By following the steps outlined earlier in this blog post, you can replace ActiveCampaign’s branding with your own and maintain a consistent brand identity throughout the platform.


In conclusion, ActiveCampaign White Label is a powerful tool that empowers businesses to take control of their branding and deliver a seamless experience to their clients or customers. By utilizing ActiveCampaign White Label, you can customize the platform to align with your brand identity, enhance brand recognition, and leverage an array of powerful features to drive marketing success. Take the first step toward creating a truly personalized marketing experience – explore the possibilities of ActiveCampaign White Label for your business today.


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