Going the Distance – How Brogan Graham and the November Project Cultivate Community Through Fitness



The Birth of the November Project

Before the rise of the November Project, there was Brogan Graham – a fitness enthusiast with a passion for building communities. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Graham had always been drawn to the power of physical activity and its ability to unite people. After years of working in the fitness industry, he realized that something was missing – a sense of genuine connection and camaraderie. This realization sparked the idea of creating a movement that would combine fitness and community – the November Project.

Graham’s own fitness journey played a significant role in shaping the vision for the November Project. His transformation from an out-of-shape college graduate to a dedicated runner demonstrated the incredible impact that fitness can have on one’s life. He understood that by bringing people together in a supportive environment, fitness could become more than just a solitary endeavor.

The inspiration for the name “November Project” came from a simple commitment between Graham and a friend to hold each other accountable during cold and dark November mornings in Boston. What started as a personal challenge quickly snowballed into something much bigger.

In 2011, Graham organized the first November Project gathering on the steps of Harvard Stadium, inviting friends and strangers alike to join him for a free fitness session. The response was overwhelming. What began as a small group of individuals looking for some extra motivation during the chilly winter months quickly grew into a movement that spread to other cities across the U.S. and eventually around the world.

The Philosophy of the November Project

At the heart of the November Project is a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Graham recognized that fitness can often feel exclusive, intimidating, or financially inaccessible for many individuals. With the November Project, he aimed to break down these barriers by creating a space where anyone, regardless of their fitness level or socioeconomic background, could participate and feel welcome.

Central to the philosophy of the November Project is the idea of fostering a strong sense of belonging and support. Participants are encouraged to show up for one another, not just for their own fitness goals. By creating a tribe-like atmosphere, the November Project cultivates an environment where individuals feel valued, celebrated, and supported in their fitness journeys.

The November Project also places a strong emphasis on accountability and positivity. Members hold each other accountable, showing up consistently and encouraging one another along the way. This culture of support and motivation fosters long-term commitment and helps individuals achieve their fitness goals.

Cultivating Community through Fitness

One of the distinguishing features of the November Project is its focus on free, outdoor workouts. By taking fitness outside of traditional gym settings, the November Project taps into the transformative power of nature and fresh air. Free workouts also remove financial barriers, making it accessible to all.

But the November Project is not just about getting in a good sweat – it’s about building connections and forming friendships. The tribe-like atmosphere created during workouts is a key factor in the project’s success. Members don’t just exercise together; they share stories, support each other through life’s challenges, and celebrate victories as a collective.

To keep things exciting, the November Project organizes various fitness challenges and events. Whether it’s a stair-climbing marathon, a relay race, or a community service project, these events serve as opportunities for participants to push their limits, bond with their fellow tribe members, and give back to the community.

The Impact of the November Project

The impact of the November Project can be seen and felt in the countless testimonials from its participants. People from all walks of life have found solace, support, and transformation through their involvement with the movement.

Many credit the November Project with not only transforming their physical well-being but also their mental and emotional well-being. The sense of belonging and support within the community has provided individuals with a lifeline during difficult times, helping them overcome personal challenges and find resilience.

What started in Boston has now spread to over 50 cities worldwide, creating a global network of supportive communities. The November Project continues to transform lives and bring people together through the shared pursuit of health and fitness.

Overcoming Challenges and Future Goals

Like any movement, the November Project has faced its fair share of challenges. Maintaining motivation and engagement among members is an ongoing effort. Graham and his team constantly work to create new opportunities for connection and growth, ensuring that the November Project remains a dynamic and thriving community.

The November Project is committed to addressing potential barriers to participation. Efforts are made to ensure that workouts are accessible to individuals of all fitness levels, regardless of age or physical ability. Inclusivity remains a fundamental value of the project, and every effort is made to make all members feel seen, heard, and supported.

Looking to the future, the November Project aims to expand its reach and impact even further. With a focus on sustainable growth, the movement seeks to establish new chapters in cities across the world, spreading the power of community-driven fitness to more individuals.


The November Project stands as a testament to the incredible impact that community-driven fitness can have on individuals and their communities. Brogan Graham’s vision to build a movement that combines fitness, inclusivity, and support has transformed lives around the world.

If you’re looking for a fitness community that will challenge you, support you, and celebrate you every step of the way, consider joining or supporting the November Project. Together, we can create a world where fitness isn’t just about personal goals but about building connections, fostering support, and uplifting one another.

Take a step towards prioritizing community and fitness in your daily life by joining the November Project today – your favorite workout of the day may just become your favorite part of the day.


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