Mastering the Art of Video Embedding in Emails – A Step-by-Step Guide



Understanding Video Embedding in Emails

Video embedding in emails has become an essential component of successful email marketing campaigns. With the growing trend of video consumption, embedding videos within emails can significantly improve engagement rates and enhance the overall effectiveness of your email marketing strategy.

What is Video Embedding?

Video embedding refers to the process of integrating a video player into an email, allowing recipients to watch the video directly within the email itself, without being redirected to an external website. This seamless integration enhances the user experience, increases click-through rates, and encourages higher engagement.

Compatible Email Clients for Video Embedding

Before diving into the steps to embed a video into an email, it’s important to understand the compatibility of different email clients. While many modern email clients support video embedding, some older clients may not. It’s crucial to consider the limitations of certain email clients to ensure your videos can be viewed by a wide audience.

Popular email clients that support video embedding include:

  • Gmail (desktop and mobile)
  • Apple Mail (desktop and mobile)
  • Outlook (desktop version 2013 and later)
  • Yahoo! Mail (desktop and mobile)

Step-by-Step Guide to Video Embedding in Emails

Step 1: Choosing the Right Video Hosting Platform

Before embedding a video in your email, you need to select a reliable video hosting platform. Considerations for choosing the right video hosting platform include:

  • Video hosting platform’s compatibility with email clients
  • Loading speed and performance of the platform
  • Privacy settings and control over video accessibility

Popular video hosting platforms suitable for email embedding include:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Wistia

Step 2: Creating an Engaging Video for Email Embedding

When creating a video specifically for email embedding, it’s important to ensure that it is engaging and captures the viewer’s attention immediately. Considerations for creating an engaging video include:

  • Keeping the video short and concise
  • Delivering a clear message or story
  • Using captivating visuals and graphics

Additionally, adding branding elements, such as your logo or brand colors, to the video helps to reinforce your brand identity and increases brand recall.

Step 3: Formatting the Email for Video Embedding

To successfully embed a video in an email, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of HTML coding. HTML code is used to insert the video player and set up the email design and layout. Ensure that your email template is responsive and optimized for different devices and screen sizes.

Step 4: Embedding the Video in the Email

There are multiple methods to embed videos in email, but one of the most reliable and widely supported methods is using HTML code. Follow these steps to embed a video using HTML code:

  1. Host your video on a trusted platform and obtain the embed code.
  2. Insert the HTML <video> tag in your email body, with the embed code as the source.
  3. Specify the video width and height within the <video> tag to ensure proper display.
  4. Provide a fallback image in case the email client doesn’t support video embedding.
  5. Test the email across different email clients to ensure the video displays correctly.

Step 5: Testing and Troubleshooting

After embedding the video in your email, it’s crucial to test it thoroughly and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Testing involves:

  1. Checking the video compatibility across different email clients, including popular ones like Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail.
  2. Ensuring the video plays smoothly and without any delays or errors.
  3. Resolving common issues that may occur during video embedding, such as the video not displaying or appearing distorted.

Best Practices for Video Embedding in Emails

Optimizing Video Thumbnail Images for Higher Click-Through Rates

The thumbnail image of your video is the first thing recipients see, so it’s crucial to optimize it for maximum engagement. Some best practices for video thumbnail images include:

  • Choosing an eye-catching and relevant image
  • Adding play icons or other visual cues to indicate it’s a video
  • Ensuring the image accurately represents the video’s content

Including a Clear Call-to-Action in the Email

Don’t forget to include a clear call-to-action (CTA) in your email. A strong CTA prompts viewers to take action after watching the video, such as visiting your website, making a purchase, or subscribing to a newsletter.

Keeping the File Size of the Video Manageable for Faster Loading

Large video files can significantly slow down the loading speed of your email and may discourage recipients from watching the video. Optimize your videos for faster loading by compressing them and using video formats that offer a good balance between quality and file size.

Examples and Inspiration for Video Embedding in Emails

Showcase of Successful Video Embedded Emails

Here are a few examples of successful video embedded emails:

  • An ecommerce company sending personalized product recommendation videos to customers
  • A webinar invitation email with a preview video highlighting the key topics
  • A nonprofit organization sharing impactful stories through video testimonials

Creative Ways to Incorporate Video in Different Email Campaigns

There are endless creative possibilities for including videos in your email campaigns:

  • Create a series of tutorial videos for educational email campaigns
  • Showcase behind-the-scenes footage to build excitement for an upcoming event
  • Send personalized thank-you videos to express gratitude to loyal customers


Embedding videos in emails is a powerful strategy that can elevate your email marketing efforts. By following the step-by-step guide and implementing best practices, you can create compelling video embedded emails that engage and captivate your audience. Remember to continuously test and optimize your emails to ensure they deliver the desired results. Video embedding in emails is here to stay, and it offers immense potential for driving higher engagement, conversions, and overall success in your email marketing campaigns.


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