Mastering Typing Speed – What’s Considered a Good Typing Speed and How to Improve It




In today’s digital age, typing speed plays a vital role in various aspects of life. From professional work to personal communication, the ability to type quickly and accurately is highly valued. This blog post aims to explore the concept of typing speed, its importance, and how to measure and improve it.

Understanding Typing Speed

Definition of Typing Speed

Typing speed is typically measured in two ways: words per minute (WPM) and characters per minute (CPM). WPM refers to the number of words a person can type in one minute, while CPM counts the total characters typed in a minute.

Benchmark for Good Typing Speed

The average typing speed for individuals varies, but generally, an average typist types at around 40 to 60 WPM. Proficient typists, on the other hand, can achieve speeds of 80 WPM or more.

How to Measure Typing Speed

Online Typing Tests

To measure your typing speed accurately, there are several recommended typing test websites available. Websites like and provide free and user-friendly typing speed tests. To take a typing speed test, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit a reliable typing test website like
  2. Select the typing test option.
  3. Begin typing the given sample text as accurately and quickly as possible.
  4. Finish the test and note down your WPM result.

Manual Calculation Method

For those who prefer a manual approach, you can calculate your typing speed by counting the number of words or characters you type within a specific time frame. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Select a passage or sample text to type.
  2. Start typing the passage while keeping track of the number of words or characters typed.
  3. Stop after a predetermined time, such as one minute.
  4. Count the number of words or characters typed within that time.
  5. Calculate your typing speed by dividing the number of words or characters by the time taken.

Factors that Affect Typing Speed

Familiarity with Keyboard

A key factor in typing speed is familiarity with the keyboard layout. Most people are accustomed to the QWERTY layout, but alternative keyboard layouts like Dvorak or Colemak exist. Positioning and ergonomics also play a significant role in typing speed and comfort.

Finger Placement and Technique

Proper finger placement and the correct typing technique contribute greatly to typing speed. Using the correct fingers for specific keys, known as touch typing, can improve speed and accuracy significantly.

Techniques to Improve Typing Speed

Practice Typing Exercises

Engaging in typing exercises is an effective way to improve typing speed. There are various typing tutorials and courses available online that offer step-by-step lessons. Additionally, typing games and challenges make practicing more enjoyable and interactive.

Touch Typing

Touch typing is a method where you type without looking at the keyboard. This technique can drastically boost your typing speed and accuracy. To develop touch typing skills, it is necessary to position your fingers on the home row and gradually memorize the location of keys.

Keyboard Shortcut Efficiency

In addition to improving typing speed, utilizing keyboard shortcuts can enhance overall efficiency while working on computers. Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keys that perform specific actions without the need for mouse navigation.

Tips for Increasing Typing Speed

Posture and Environment

Creating a comfortable workspace and maintaining proper posture while typing are essential for reducing fatigue and improving typing speed. Invest in an ergonomic keyboard and chair to minimize strain on your wrists and back.

Practicing Regularly and Setting Goals

Consistency is key when it comes to improving typing speed. Set aside dedicated time for practicing typing exercises regularly. Additionally, setting achievable goals can help track progress and motivate continued improvement.


Typing speed is a crucial skill in today’s digital era. Whether at work or in personal life, the ability to type quickly and accurately can save time and boost productivity. By understanding the measurement of typing speed and implementing effective techniques, anyone can improve their typing skills and reach proficiency. Start practicing today, set achievable goals, and watch your typing speed soar!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your keyboard, take a typing speed test, and embark on the journey to master the art of typing speed.


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