Meet the Powerhouse Behind Qualtrics – A Closer Look at the Leadership Team



Introduction to Qualtrics and its Leadership Team

Welcome to our blog post on the Qualtrics leadership team. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the individuals who lead and drive the success of Qualtrics, a leading experience management company. We will delve into their backgrounds, experiences, and contributions to understand the pivotal role they play in the company’s growth and development. Let’s get started!

Ryan Smith: Founder and CEO

One of the key figures at Qualtrics is Ryan Smith, the company’s Founder and CEO. Ryan’s journey as an entrepreneur began when he co-founded Qualtrics in his parents’ basement in 2002. With a visionary mindset and strong determination, Ryan propelled the company to great heights. His passion for helping organizations understand and improve the experiences they deliver has been the driving force behind Qualtrics’ success.

Ryan’s leadership style is characterized by his emphasis on employee empowerment and his commitment to innovation. He firmly believes in fostering a culture of transparency, collaboration, and trust within the organization. Ryan’s philosophy revolves around creating an environment that encourages individuals to take risks, learn from failures, and constantly push the boundaries of what is possible.

Jared Smith: President

As the President of Qualtrics, Jared Smith is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and driving the company’s strategic initiatives. With a wealth of experience and qualifications, Jared brings valuable insights and expertise to his role.

Prior to joining Qualtrics, Jared held various leadership positions in the technology industry, developing a deep understanding of customer needs and market dynamics. His strategic acumen and ability to navigate complex challenges have been instrumental in Qualtrics’ growth and success.

Zander Lurie: CEO of Qualtrics International

Leading Qualtrics’ international expansion efforts is Zander Lurie, the CEO of Qualtrics International. Zander’s extensive experience in global business operations and his deep knowledge of international markets have been key assets for the company.

Before joining Qualtrics, Zander held executive roles at renowned organizations, bolstering his expertise in driving international growth. Under his leadership, Qualtrics has successfully expanded its presence across regions, establishing itself as a global leader in experience management.

Julie Larson-Green: Chief Experience Officer

At Qualtrics, enhancing user experience is a top priority, and this responsibility falls on Julie Larson-Green, the Chief Experience Officer. Leveraging her extensive background in technology and design, Julie plays a vital role in ensuring that Qualtrics’ products deliver seamless and intuitive experiences to users.

With a remarkable career that includes leadership positions at iconic technology companies, Julie brings a wealth of knowledge and a user-centric approach to her role. Her contributions have significantly elevated the overall experience of Qualtrics users, making the platform even more valuable for organizations.

Jack L. Larsen: Chief Revenue Officer

Jack L. Larsen serves as the Chief Revenue Officer at Qualtrics, responsible for driving revenue generation and accelerating the company’s growth. Jack’s expertise in sales and his ability to build strong customer relationships have been crucial in achieving the company’s financial success.

Having held senior leadership positions in leading organizations, Jack brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of driving revenue growth. His strategic insights and ability to develop effective sales strategies have played a vital role in establishing Qualtrics as a market leader.

Final Thoughts on Qualtrics’ Leadership Team

The Qualtrics leadership team is comprised of highly accomplished individuals who collectively contribute to the company’s remarkable success. Ryan Smith’s leadership, Jared Smith’s operational expertise, Zander Lurie’s international acumen, Julie Larson-Green’s user-centric approach, and Jack L. Larsen’s revenue generation capabilities form a powerful alliance that propels Qualtrics to new heights.

Their collective efforts have not only shaped the company’s growth but have also revolutionized the field of experience management. With a strong foundation and a relentless commitment to innovation, the Qualtrics leadership team is well-equipped to lead the company into the future.


In conclusion, the significance of a strong leadership team, such as the one at Qualtrics, cannot be overstated. Ryan Smith’s vision, coupled with the expertise and contributions of Jared Smith, Zander Lurie, Julie Larson-Green, and Jack L. Larsen, has positioned Qualtrics as a global leader in experience management.

As Qualtrics continues to empower organizations to unlock business insights and deliver exceptional experiences, we can only anticipate further success and innovation from this exceptional leadership team. The future is undoubtedly bright for Qualtrics and its continued impact on the industry.


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