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Next View Ventures – A Prominent Venture Capital Firm


Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an investor, venture capital plays a crucial role in the startup ecosystem. It provides the necessary funding and support for innovative ideas to flourish and grow. One prominent venture capital firm that has been making waves in the industry is Next View Ventures.

The History and Background of Next View Ventures

Next View Ventures was founded in 2010 by David Beisel, Rob Go, and Lee Hower. With their collective experience as entrepreneurs and investors, they set out to create a firm that would enable early-stage tech startups to thrive. They envisioned a founder-friendly approach that would support entrepreneurs throughout their journey.

Next View Ventures focuses on investing in internet-enabled businesses and software-driven companies. Their investment philosophy revolves around identifying founders who are building innovative products and have a deep understanding of their target markets. By partnering with Next View Ventures, these entrepreneurs gain access to the firm’s expertise and network to accelerate their growth.

Over the years, Next View Ventures has made several notable investments, backing companies like InsightSquared, GrabCAD, and Dia&Co. These investments have yielded significant success stories, with many portfolio companies achieving exponential growth and successful exits.

The Core Principles of Next View Ventures

Next View Ventures stands out for its founder-friendly approach. They understand the challenges and uncertainties faced by entrepreneurs and aim to be supportive partners. The firm’s emphasis on entrepreneurship extends beyond just financial investment, with the team providing hands-on mentorship, strategic guidance, and access to their extensive network of industry experts.

Long-term partnership is a core principle at Next View Ventures. They believe in building relationships based on trust and actively work with founders in every stage of their company’s development. By offering value-add beyond capital, Next View Ventures ensures the sustained success of its portfolio companies.

Diversity and inclusion are important values for Next View Ventures. They actively seek out investment opportunities from a diverse range of founders, recognizing that diverse perspectives lead to better outcomes. By championing diversity in the startup ecosystem, Next View Ventures contributes to a more equitable and innovative future.

The Future of Venture Capital and Next View Ventures’ Vision

The venture capital industry is constantly evolving, driven by changing market dynamics and emerging technologies. Next View Ventures recognizes the importance of staying ahead of these trends and actively adapts its investment strategy.

The firm is keen on exploring emerging technologies and sectors. They believe that areas like artificial intelligence, fintech, and healthcare present significant opportunities for startup innovation. By keeping a pulse on these developments, Next View Ventures ensures that it continues to support groundbreaking ventures.

Next View Ventures’ Portfolio Companies and Successes

Next View Ventures has an impressive portfolio of companies that have experienced tremendous growth. InsightSquared, a business intelligence company, is one such example. With Next View Ventures’ backing, InsightSquared has become a leading provider of revenue intelligence solutions, helping businesses make data-driven decisions.

Dia&Co, an e-commerce platform focused on inclusive fashion, is another success story in Next View Ventures’ portfolio. Their disruptive approach to the fashion industry has gained widespread recognition, empowering women of all sizes and leading to meaningful revenue growth.

These success stories are a testament to Next View Ventures’ support and guidance provided to their portfolio companies. By partnering with Next View Ventures, founders gain access to a wealth of resources that help them navigate challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.

The Next View Ventures Team and Culture

Next View Ventures boasts an experienced investment team with diverse backgrounds and expertise. The team comprises seasoned entrepreneurs and investors who bring a deep understanding of the startup landscape.

The culture at Next View Ventures is collaborative and inclusive. They prioritize building strong relationships with their founders and fostering a supportive community. By nurturing this culture, Next View Ventures creates an environment where founders can thrive.

In addition to their investment activities, Next View Ventures is committed to corporate social responsibility. They actively engage with the local community, supporting initiatives that promote diversity, education, and entrepreneurship.

Next View Ventures’ Thought Leadership and Industry Influence

Next View Ventures plays an active role in the venture capital landscape beyond their investment activities. The firm’s representatives often participate in industry conferences, events, and publications, sharing their insights and expertise.

They also have a well-established online presence through their blog posts, podcasts, and social media channels. Through these mediums, Next View Ventures shares valuable knowledge with the broader startup community, helping founders navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Next View Ventures’ influence extends beyond their immediate sphere. Their forward-thinking approach and contributions to the industry have made them a respected voice in the venture capital community.


Next View Ventures stands out in the venture capital industry for their founder-friendly approach, long-term partnership philosophy, and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Their portfolio companies’ success stories are a testament to the firm’s invaluable support and guidance.

If you’re an entrepreneur seeking funding or an investor looking for innovative opportunities, Next View Ventures should be on your radar. Their vision for the future and proactive response to industry changes make them a leading force in the startup ecosystem.

To learn more about Next View Ventures and their investments, visit their website and explore their diverse portfolio.


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