The Power of a Strong Job to be Done Statement – Unlocking Success in Business



Understanding the Job to be Done Concept

Before diving into the importance of a strong job to be done statement, it’s essential to understand the concept itself. In business, the job to be done is the core function or problem that a product or service aims to solve for its customers. It goes beyond just the features and benefits and focuses on the ultimate goal of why a customer is seeking a solution.

The job to be done concept originated from the works of Clayton Christensen, a renowned Harvard Business School professor, and it has gained significant traction in the business world. This approach provides a framework for businesses to obtain a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and motivations.

Using a job to be done approach offers various benefits. Firstly, it enables businesses to gain a competitive advantage by better addressing customers’ pain points. By understanding the true job customers are hiring their product or service to do, businesses can focus on providing a solution that truly meets those needs.

Additionally, a job to be done approach fosters customer-centered innovation. Rather than solely relying on features and specifications, this approach encourages businesses to innovate based on unmet customer needs. By continuously improving and refining the job to be done, companies can retain their customers’ loyalty and stay ahead of the competition.

Crafting a Strong Job to be Done Statement

Now that we have a foundational understanding of the job to be done concept, let’s explore how to craft a strong job to be done statement:

Identifying the core function or problem

The first step in creating a job to be done statement is identifying the primary function or problem that your product or service aims to solve. This requires a deep understanding of customer needs and pain points. By focusing on the core job to be done, you can ensure that your solution is optimized to provide the most value to your customers.

Understanding the customer’s motivations and goals

To create a compelling job to be done statement, it’s crucial to understand the underlying motivations and goals of your customers. What drives them to seek a solution? What are they hoping to achieve? By empathizing with your customers and understanding their desires, you can better tailor your product or service to meet their expectations.

Segmenting the target audience based on job to be done

Segmenting your target audience based on the job to be done can help you tailor your messaging and marketing efforts. Different customers may hire your product or service for various reasons, and by understanding these different segments, you can customize your approach to resonate with each specific group.

Conducting customer research and interviews

Customer research and interviews are essential for gaining valuable insights into their preferences, pain points, and aspirations. By directly engaging with your customers, you can gather first-hand information that will inform your job to be done statement. This research can help you uncover unmet needs and identify areas for improvement.

Analyzing customer feedback and pain points

Alongside customer research, analyzing feedback and pain points shared by your existing customers can provide crucial insights. By keeping a close eye on customer feedback, you can understand their frustrations and areas where your current solution may fall short. This enables you to refine your job to be done statement and make iterative improvements to your product or service.

Refining and iterating on the job to be done statement

Crafting a strong job to be done statement is an iterative process. It requires continuous refinement and validation through customer testing and feedback. By remaining open to feedback and actively seeking ways to improve, you can create a job to be done statement that accurately reflects your customers’ needs and expectations.

The Power of a Strong Job to be Done Statement

A well-defined job to be done statement brings numerous benefits to businesses:

Alignment and focus within the organization

Having a clear job to be done statement creates alignment and focus within your organization. It ensures that everyone understands the core purpose of your product or service and are working towards a shared goal. With this clarity, teams can make informed decisions and prioritize initiatives that directly contribute to fulfilling the job to be done.

Enhancing product development and innovation

When your job to be done statement accurately reflects your customers’ needs, it becomes a guiding principle for product development and innovation. By continuously referring to this statement, you can ensure your product enhancements and new feature implementations align with the job your customers are hiring your product to do. This focused approach leads to more innovative and impactful solutions.

Effective marketing and communication strategies

A strong job to be done statement also serves as a foundation for effective marketing and communication strategies. It provides clarity on the value your product or service offers and helps you craft messages that resonate with your target audience. By clearly articulating the benefits of your solution in the context of the job to be done, you can attract more customers and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

Ultimately, a strong job to be done statement leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. By understanding and fulfilling your customers’ underlying needs, you can provide a solution that truly adds value to their lives. This customer-centric approach fosters trust and loyalty, leading to long-term relationships and referrals.

Examples of Successful Job to be Done Statements

Case study 1: Company X and their job to be done approach

Company X, a leading e-commerce platform, embraced the job to be done approach by identifying the primary job their customers were hiring their platform to do – “to easily discover and purchase high-quality products online.” This job to be done statement provided clarity and guided their product development efforts. By continuously refining their platform to improve product discoverability, user experience, and customer support, Company X has gained a competitive advantage and achieved significant customer satisfaction.

Case study 2: Company Y and their job to be done transformation

Company Y, a telecommunications provider, experienced a transformation by adopting a job to be done approach. They shifted their focus from simply providing phone and internet services to understanding the underlying job their customers were hiring them for – “to stay connected and entertained wherever they go.” By leveraging this job to be done statement, Company Y expanded their offerings to include streaming services, mobile apps, and personalized content recommendations. This transformation resulted in increased customer loyalty and revenue growth.


Embracing a job to be done approach in your business strategy is crucial for long-term success. Crafting a strong job to be done statement allows you to deeply understand your customers’ needs, align your organization, and create innovative solutions. By putting your customers’ goals and motivations at the forefront, you can enhance customer satisfaction, differentiate yourself from competitors, and drive growth. Start implementing the job to be done concept today and unlock the potential of understanding your customers like never before.


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