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Asking the right sales questions is crucial in closing deals successfully. It is an art that separates a skilled salesperson from an average one. In this blog post, we will explore the best sales questions to ask in order to effectively close deals. Whether you are a seasoned sales professional or just getting started in the field, these questions will help you navigate the sales process with confidence.

The 10 Best Sales Questions to Ask for Closing Deals

Discovery Questions

Discovery questions are aimed at understanding the customer’s needs, challenges, and goals. They lay the foundation for a successful sales conversation. Here are four key discovery questions to ask:
1. What are the top challenges you’re facing in your business?
Understanding the challenges the customer is facing allows you to position your product or service as a solution. It shows empathy and opens the door for further discussion.
2. Can you tell me more about your goals and objectives?
Asking about goals and objectives helps you understand what the customer is striving to achieve. Aligning your offering with their goals creates a stronger value proposition.
3. What solutions have you already tried?
Knowing what solutions the customer has tried in the past helps you understand their preferences and what has or hasn’t worked for them. It allows you to position your product or service differently, emphasizing unique features or benefits.
4. How do you envision our product/service fitting into your organization?
Understanding how the customer sees your solution fitting into their organization provides valuable insights. It helps you tailor your approach and highlight specific aspects of your offering.

Qualification Questions

Qualification questions help you determine whether the customer is a good fit for your product or service. They ensure that you are investing time and effort in opportunities that have a higher chance of closing. Here are four important qualification questions to ask:
1. Who has the final decision-making authority?
Identifying the decision-maker early in the sales process is crucial. It allows you to focus your efforts on influencing the right person and understanding their needs and preferences.
2. What is your budget for this solution?
Understanding the customer’s budget helps you determine if your offering aligns with their financial constraints. It helps avoid wasting time on prospects who cannot afford your product or service.
3. Are there any specific deadlines or timeframes we should be aware of?
Knowing the customer’s timeline is important for planning and prioritizing sales efforts. It helps you manage expectations and align your sales process with their needs.
4. Have you considered any other competitors or alternatives?
Understanding the customer’s consideration set allows you to differentiate your offering and highlight unique selling points. It also helps you address any concerns or objections they may have based on their evaluation of other options.

Objection Handling Questions

Objection handling questions help you address any concerns or hesitations the customer may have. They provide an opportunity to overcome objections and move the sales process forward. Here are four effective objection handling questions to ask:
1. What concerns or hesitations do you have about moving forward?
Encouraging the customer to express their concerns allows you to address them head-on. It shows that you value their opinion and are committed to finding solutions.
2. How can we address those concerns or hesitations?
By asking this question, you involve the customer in problem-solving. It demonstrates your willingness to work together to find a satisfactory resolution.
3. Is there any additional information you need to make a decision?
Ensuring that the customer has all the information they need helps build trust and confidence. It also helps you tailor your sales pitch to their specific requirements.
4. What factors are the most important to you in choosing a solution provider?
Understanding the customer’s decision-making criteria allows you to emphasize the aspects that matter most to them. It helps you position your offering as the best choice based on their priorities.

Closing Questions

Closing questions help you gauge the customer’s interest and intention to move forward with the purchase. They nudge the conversation toward the final stages of the sales process. Here are four effective closing questions to ask:
1. Based on what we’ve discussed, do you believe our product/service can meet your needs?
By asking for the customer’s opinion on your offering, you encourage them to voice their thoughts and confirm their interest. It also provides an opportunity to address any remaining objections.
2. Would you like to move forward with the next steps?
Asking this question directly seeks the customer’s commitment to move forward. It helps establish a clear path for the next stages of the sales process.
3. What would need to happen for you to feel confident in making a purchase?
This question helps uncover any final barriers or requirements the customer may have. It allows you to address them and provide reassurance, further increasing their confidence in your product or service.
4. Are there any other stakeholders we should involve in this decision-making process?
Identifying other stakeholders who may be involved in the decision-making process is crucial for managing expectations and keeping the sales process moving forward. It ensures that all necessary parties are involved and their concerns are addressed.


In conclusion, asking the best sales questions plays a vital role in closing deals successfully. By incorporating the discovery, qualification, objection handling, and closing questions mentioned above, you can navigate the sales process with confidence and increase your chances of closing deals. Additionally, it is important to adapt these questions to the specific situation and needs of each customer. Remember, mastering the art of asking the right sales questions takes practice and continuous improvement. Keep honing your skills, and you will see the results in your sales success.


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